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About this site

This site aims to provide both general and advance content related to the Geospatial Analysis Platform. It serves as a mechanism to freely disseminate spatial data layers for the users capable of manipulating the information within their own respective geospatial tools. The site containts the following main sections:

The ABOUT – provides general non-technical information on GAP

TECHNICAL OVERVIEW – Expands on the creation of the mesozones and the other components that make up the platform.  It also explains the recent update process and new developments.

MAPS AND DATA – contains the static pre-prepared maps as well as the available GIS data layers (in Zip achive file format) from where geospatial users can download the layers.

LIVE GIS MAPS – Similar to the static maps but here the user can access online GIS maps published on a GIS server.

GAP APPLICATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS – contain description and reports where GAP has been applied. Also contains papers published on the Geospatial Analysis Platform

LINKS – provides users with quick links to other relevant GIS data providers as well as to organisations that have collaborated with the CSIR on GAP.

CONTACT US – contains the contact information for users that would like to communicate with the CSIR team members.