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Contributors to GAP

Version 1 and 2 (2007)

SA GAP2 (August 2006), is an update of the South African GAP 1 (based on the SA Mesoframe Version 1.1) originally developed in support of regional development and aligned national, provincial and municipal planning and investment by the CSIR, The Presidency and dti.

Collaborators and funders to both the original GAP1 and the updated GAP2, to be acknowledged are:

Main authors and spatial analysts:

  • Andries Naudé (Project Leader 2006 - 2009), CSIR
  • Gerbrand Mans (Project Leader 2009-present), CSIR
  • Elsona van Huyssteen Lynette Smit, and Johan Maritz, CSIR Built Environment
  • Willem Badenhorst, Mandala GIS
  • Larry Zietsman, Geographical Systems Research Bureau (Formerly University of Stellenbosch)
  • Ntsotiseng Morojele, Axios Consulting


Project Leaders from collaborators on GAP2:

  • GAP1, GAP2: Hassen Mohamed, The Presidency
  • GAP 1: Nkhangwe Ramashia, the dti


Other collaborators to acknowledge in their individual capacities are:

  • Johan du Toit, Softwave Solutions
  • Peter Schmitz, Cheri Green, David McKelly, Helga Goss, CSIR Built Environment
  • Reney Robyntjies, Marinus van der Merwe, Sadrick Grootboom, Thandeka Nohoyeka– interns and former CSIR employees
  • Hester Badenhorst, Chad McGee, GIS contractors to CSIR
  • Neil Jacobs, University of Stellenbosch
  • Mark Oranje, University of Pretoria
  • Tom de Jong, Utrecht University


Principal and other data droviders (GAP 1 and 2):

  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
  • Global Insight, Southern Africa
  • Statistics South Africa
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • South African Demarcation Board
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • ESRI Digital Chart of the World
  • Prof. M Geyer, University of North West


Enhancements to GAP (2011 version)

During the period 2010-11 the GAP2 platform was upgraded due to request from users. In addition it was also nessesary to revisit the data assignment process (previously referred to as ‘data mining’). Using dasymetric mapping and areal interpolation a flexible geo-data frame which allows the data to be assigned to different demarcations seamlessly was developed.

Funding for the update of the GAP platform was provided by CSIR Built Environment.

Main authors and spatial analysts:

  • Gerbrand Mans, CSIR Built Environment
  • Johan Maritz, CSIR Built Environment
  • Elsona van Huyssteen, CSIR Built Environment
  • Dave McKelly, CSIR Built Environment


Principal Data Providers:

  • CSIR
  • Quantec